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Given name Jason
National Olympic Committee
CAN CAN - Canada
05 August 1987
Event List Water Ski Men's Jump
Water Ski Men's Slalom
Water Ski Men's Trick
Major Achievements I was born in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. My family owns a water ski school & pro shop, as well as a seasonal travel trailer park on Puslinch Lake. This is where my parents, Jeff and Sherron, started my skiing career. I learned to ski at age 2, began competing at age 5 and entered my first nationals when I was 8. In the early years, my family traveled to Florida several times during the winter months, so I could get in some extra training. In 2001, my family moved to Lake Worth, FL so I could train year-round and I did a lot of my skiing with Jaret Llewellyn. I have been a member of the Canadian Nation team since 2004, and have contributed scores to the team in nearly every competition.

After high school I moved to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida, where I m now a Sr. majoring in Sports and Fitness. I began training with Matt Rini and he quickly became my primary coach and still is today. In March 2007, I had a nasty jump crash in which I shattered my left patella and dislocated my right subtalar joint. This injury had me off the water for a full season and I spent the following season rebuilding my strength and getting my skiing back on track. I now devote my training to the two events I ve always enjoyed the most, slalom and trick.
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