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Considered as one of the leading sports in The World Games 2013, hockey now has its own scene in Cali. It is a venue of 5.325 m2, which has a capacity for 2.280 people.

It is located in the Jaime Aparicio Sports Unit on the Calle 9 with Carrera 39.  This area corresponded to a rectangular tile space dedicated to leisure practice of this discipline; surrounding it, one could find an oval figure made of cement used by citizens as a jogging track, but it did not have the physical facilities necessary for competitive or professional use.

However, for The World Games 2013 will be held, remodeling was thought for this area, as well as the construction of the Hockey Coliseum, being then one of the first stages built specifically for this sport, which has the technical, hydraulic, health and earthquake resistance needed.