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Sports: Powerlifting, Sumo


To the city of Cali, this is another 2008 National Games legacy. It was built as an alternative to all combat sports and its located in the eastern sector of the city, easily accessible and home to high potential athletes.

It is located in the Mariano Ramos Sports Unit, which has an area of ​​78.435 m2 and a capacity for 10.500 people. It consists of a main arena in the south area and six alternates on the north side.  In January of 2009, the southern deck of the coliseum collapsed after some strong winds and was rebuilt later that year.

For The World Games 2013, resources to complete the construction of auxiliary coliseums were designated, improving the dressing rooms, bathrooms, VIP rooms, competition lounges, and technical rooms. The grille shutters installed in upper scenario were changed. Similarly, the frontal areas of the facade and the warm up zones and attention of athletes were adapted.

The powerlifting and sumo championships will take place in the Mariano Ramos Combat Coliseum. With a seating capacity of  2.200 spectators.


Calles 36 con Carrera 50

Phones:+57-2- 3385935 / +57- 314 7275578