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There is a neighborhood that preserves its large and ancient houses and colonial style. It´s called The San Antonio district, which was founded in 1744, being the first village to what later became Cali. It is located on 5th Street, one of the most important routes of the city.

The neighborhood is crossed by steep streets and is populated by families that have seen generation pass. Now, they are the witnesses for the still standing houses, they are beginning to get renewed with a new breath brought by the new life through shops and restaurants.

At the top of the hills there is one of the most representative symbols in Cali’s religion, culture and history. The San Antonio Chapel, whose construction was finished in 1747, has a unique design. It´s design includes having a temple with a rectangular stage, in which its brick walls are joined by a Mudejar middle-point arc. The facades are white carved stones that contrast with the green of the hills. Inside, its Main Altar was built in a Baroque style with colonial images where a big picture of San Antonio de Padua, the Patron Saint, stands. The San Antonio Hills is the place where one can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city and the breeze that characterizes Cali as well as Valle del Cauca. It is the scenario for little street trades, candies and traditional appetizers, as well as several cultural, musical and theatrical events that took place at its small square with storytellers and magicians.

Around the hills, the neighborhood and the Colombian history is one of the sweetest traditions in Cali and its surroundings. It is el Día del Ahijado (Godchildren’s Day) and its celebration consists in giving one’s godchild a Maceta (candy-tree). This tradition comes from the 19th century.  It´s said by the historian that this fact is probably consequence of the huge sugarcane plantations that are located in the territory and its inclusion in the cuisine of the region. That is why, in June, a lot of families that live in San Antonio start their sugar candies and candy-tree preparation in their homes and open their doors to sell their creations.

San Antonio Hills will host the competitions of archery in the modalities of barebow and recurve during The World Games 2013.