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It is located in the renowned Alberto Galindo Sports Complex, where are also found the Cañaveralejo Bullfighting Ring, El Pueblo Coliseum, Bowling and Billiard Coliseum, as well as Alcides Nieto Velodrome and the new climbing wall.

The World Skating Rink has and an area of 219.893 square meters; it was built for the Inline Skating World Championship held in 2007, date when this scenario was stipulated by experts as the best of Latin-America. Currently it is the training venue of Colombian skating champions.

Throughout the 2013, there have been renovations like the construction of bleacher covers and the restoring of the track, infirmary and VIP room. Other areas have been improved as well. It will host the inline speed skating and road roller skating competitions, as well as archery’s final, for The World Games 2013.


Technical Features of the track

Central Zone: It is recovered with polymer of 200. It was filled with compacted rocks, geotextile and asphalt surface.

Speed Track: It has 200 meters long and 8 meters wide. It was recovered with 5 centimeter of thickness with SP roller-101 resin, the same as Italy and Korea’s rinks.

Road Track: it has400 meters long and 9 meters wide.

Curves: This venue has concave cants with 13 percent of inclination, short and straight road.

Railing Panels: Transparent, made with acrylic.

Sidewalks: They arewide and locatedoutside of the track, for the displacement of the pedestrians.

Lighting: Six towers with 500 luxes in average.

Bleachers: Plastic chairs for 3.600 people on top of portable bleachers made of aluminum over an iron structure

Center of services: gym, press room, dressing rooms, venue management zone, cafeteria, public restrooms, infirmary, doping control zone and a T.V. production room.

Sound: 500 watts that are distributed in five lighting masts.