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This Recreation Center is located south of Cali, on the road to Jamundí, Callejón Jauja km 1, and has a complete sports facilities, as well as family entertainment.

It has an area of ​​17,000 m2 (17 acres), a farm belonging to Mr. Vitautos Lukawsky, of Polish origin, where rice fields used to grow in abundance, given the high ground water table.

In September of 1990, the construction's first stage began to take place, and it turned out to be the  Valle del Lili Sports and Recreation Center, where the following instalations stood: Café (currently known as Salón Lili), five social rooms (Alferez Real, Farallones, Piedechinche, Jauja, Aguaclara -whose names  allude to the old farms in the region-), all administrative offices, three soccer fields and four multiple fields.

By October of 1992 until April of 1993, the following areas were constructed: two more soccer fields, four shuffleboard courts (a sport native of southern Colombia), three tennis courts and two swimming pools (junior olympic and for children).

The third stage began in October of 1995 with the blue kiosk and the family pool (1000 mt3).

On June of 2000, parking booths for vehicles were built.

The fifth stage was developed in March 2001, involving the construction of the great hall, upgrading the kitchen (at the kiosk), and remodeling the administrative areas, three multiple tennis courts, the paved parking for 128 vehicles, and the construction of a lake ornamental, which became operational in 2002.

Currently, the club provides spaces for championships or national and international tournaments.  It's also home to professional soccer teams and divisions under Depor Aguablanca teams and América de Cali, who have found benefit in the scenarios according to their training needs, sporting events and National Leagues.

The club has held the following events of national and international importance:          

·        Fedecajas National Games, 1998

650 athletes affiliated to Family Benefit Funds

·        National Ultimate, 2011

National Headquarters of the sport with a participation of 12 teams

·        Futbol World Cup U-20 (July, 2011)

Those sports venues (futbol fields) hosted the training futbol teams in the playoffs, which were held in the city of Cali. Scenarios were approved by FIFA.

·        Pre-World Games: Fistball World Cup U-18 (July, 2012)


Event held in Cali to male and female categories (7 countries).

·        The World Games Cali 2013:


For this 2013, it will again be the venue for Fistball competitions and Ultimate Frisbee and Rugby in training.



·        5 soccer fields with regulatory measures.

·        5 mini soccer fields.

·        3 tennis courts on clay.

·        1 beach volleyball court.

·        3 shuffleboard courts.

·        5 multiple volleyball courts, basketball and indoor soccer

·        Board games: Parcheesi, chess, Dominoes and Bingo

·        “Sapo”

·        Table tennis

·        Green spaces for speed and background competitions, athletics marathons.

·        Semi Olympic pool 25 meters long swimming competitions

·        Holidaysports related implementation of the above disciplines.

·        Recreational areas:

·        Children area.

·        Kids and Family Pools

·        Semi Olympic Pool

·        Food and beverage.

·        First aid care service point

·        Lifeguard during pool service

·        Secure Parking