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Due to the absence of an appropriate setting for the practice of Korfball in the city, construction of the Mundialista Coliseum was achieved in an area of 4.420m2, with a capacity for 2.500 people. The physical facilities of this venue have closets, VIP lounges, media room, bleachers, restrooms and a cafeteria.

It is located on the campus of the National Sports School, a college institution founded in 1984 and created with the aim of promoting and developing the human talent of Colombian sports. Currently, this organization is considered the best university of sports category in the country. The objective of this institution is to contribute to the professional development of science and technology in terms of sport and recreation.

This coliseum will continue to be used for professional teaching of various sports that are included in the academic programs.



Calle 9 # 34-01

Phones: +57- 2 -5540404

Cali - Colombia