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Located on the Alberto Galindo Sports Unit this coliseum stands beside the Coliseum of El Pueblo, the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome, and the Cañaveralejo Bull Fighting Ring.

Before the National Games in 2008, the Coliseum was a practical scenario for the Vallecaucana League of Basketball and Judo.  However, due to the need to preserve a place to play professional bowling and billiard and to make way for the realization of this event, this place was remodeled and suited for these disciplines.

The Billiard Coliseum has 10 professional 3-band pool tables, as well as professional tables suited for the following modalities: pool, snooker and 9-ball pool. It has also bleachers, PRM accessibility, administrative areas, spacious bathrooms and halls. This venue is the only one of its kind in the world, considering that usually billiard championships always take place in special rooms or auditoriums adapted for this type of events. For this occasion some space has been added to build a new grandstand; the capacity has been expanded to seat 800 spectators.

The Bowling Coliseum has been completely modernized: 4 tracks to reach a peak of 20 automatic tracks, bleachers, administrative areas, cafeterias, medical areas, PRM accessibility, green areas, and parking, its implementation was renewed, the results software was updated, etc. As a result, it now complies with all technical standards to carry out any international event. This scenario is the first of its kind in the city, being public and generating professional and recreational development of this discipline.

For The World Games 2013, housing and enclosure of the coliseum were improved, the air conditioning was installed, and the physical part of the lounges and 4 lines more were built for bowling.

Competitions for The World Games 2013 will be held and conducted in 10-pin bowling and for billiards in the modalities of carom, pool and snoker.